Bewitched Cat Toys Product Review

Hey so recently Bewitched Cat Toys sent me some cute and fun cat toys for my two cats, Simba and Shadow.  All the designs were adorable and creative.  I received toys in designs from a strawberry to a fortune cookie to a taco.  All their products arrived safely and quickly.   They also were made very sturdy and some rough play from my cats didn’t hurt or ruin them a bit.  Plus, their toys had some catnip inside so my cats went extra crazy and liked snuggling and rolling on them!  My grandma also brought over her kittens and they also went crazy with these.  Overall, these are well-made, creative, adorable, and affordable.                                  I would definitely recommend this to a friend and buy this!

Here are all the cute toys she sent my cats!
Here are all the cute toys she sent my cats!

Thanks for stopping buy and go check Bewitched Cat Toys out!

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